Persona 5 Review – Stylish RPG With A Twist

Discover the captivating world of Persona 5, a stylish RPG with a twist. Immerse yourself in its unique gameplay mechanics and vibrant visuals. Read the review now!

I recently had the pleasure of immersing myself in the world of Persona 5, a stylish RPG that truly lives up to its name. With its captivating storyline, vibrant visuals, and unique gameplay mechanics, this game brings a fresh twist to the genre. From the moment I stepped into the shoes of the protagonist, I was completely hooked. So, join me as I take a closer look at what makes Persona 5 a must-play for RPG enthusiasts and delve into the intriguing world that awaits.

Overview of Persona 5

Introduction to the game

Persona 5, developed by Atlus, is a highly acclaimed role-playing game (RPG) that immerses players in a captivating and stylishly presented world. With its unique blend of turn-based combat, social simulation elements, and an engaging storyline, Persona 5 offers a gaming experience unlike any other.

Background and setting

Set in modern-day Tokyo, Persona 5 follows the story of a young high school student who, after being unjustly accused of a crime, is forced to transfer to Shujin Academy. As the protagonist settles into his new life, he discovers a hidden world known as the Metaverse—a distorted reality fueled by the desires of corrupt individuals. With the help of his newfound friends and their Personas, manifestations of their inner selves, the protagonist and his allies embark on a journey to change the hearts of these villains and save society from its darkest depths.

Gameplay mechanics

At its core, Persona 5 combines traditional RPG elements with unique gameplay mechanics. Players navigate through the real world, attending classes, meeting friends, and engaging in various activities to build relationships known as social links. These relationships unlock new abilities and provide valuable support during battles. In the Metaverse, players utilize turn-based combat to strategically exploit enemy weaknesses and unleash powerful attacks using their own Personas. Balancing the responsibilities of daily life and exploring the Metaverse adds an extra layer of depth to the gameplay, making every decision impactful and ensuring an engaging and immersive experience.

Storyline and Characters

Plot summary

The storyline of Persona 5 is a gripping tale of rebellion and redemption. As the protagonist delves deeper into the corrupt world of adults, he and his friends establish the Phantom Thieves, a group dedicated to stealing the twisted desires of their targets in order to reform society. Throughout their journey, they confront psychological and moral dilemmas, facing off against powerful foes while simultaneously unraveling the truth behind their own identities. The intricate plot and well-developed characters contribute to a captivating narrative that keeps players invested from start to finish.

Protagonist and main characters

The protagonist of Persona 5, known as Joker, is a silent protagonist, allowing players to project themselves into the role. As Joker, players control his actions and shape his relationships, making every choice feel personal and significant. His companions, including the empathetic Ryuji, the intelligent Ann, the kind-hearted Makoto, and the charming Yusuke, bring a diverse range of personalities and skills to the team. Each character undergoes significant growth and development throughout the game, with their individual arcs intertwining seamlessly with the overarching storyline.

Supporting characters and social links

Persona 5 features a wide range of supporting characters, each with their own unique personalities and stories. By building social links with these characters, players are not only rewarded with additional abilities and perks but also gain a deeper understanding of their lives and motivations. These social links allow players to forge meaningful connections and provide a sense of authenticity to the world of Persona 5. From a retired politician to a quirky doctor, these supporting characters play a crucial role in shaping the protagonist’s journey and adding layers of depth to the overall experience.

Visuals and Sound

Art style and graphics

With its visually stunning art style, Persona 5 combines vibrant colors, stylish character designs, and breathtaking environments to create a truly captivating world. Every aspect, from the intricate designs of the Personas to the sprawling cityscape of Tokyo, is meticulously crafted with attention to detail. The use of a cel-shaded aesthetic lends a distinctive and striking appearance to the game. The graphics, combined with the game’s overall stylistic approach, create a visually impressive and immersive experience that perfectly complements the narrative.

User interface and menus

Persona 5’s user interface and menus are not only visually appealing but also incredibly intuitive to navigate. The smooth transitions, sleek animations, and unique visual motifs, such as the iconic masks representing the various Persona types, add an extra layer of polish to the game. Whether managing inventory, selecting activities, or customizing Personas, the user interface seamlessly integrates into the gameplay experience, enhancing immersion and streamlining the overall flow of the game.

Soundtrack and voice acting

Persona 5’s soundtrack is a masterpiece in its own right. Composed by Shoji Meguro, the music expertly captures the game’s themes and elevates the overall atmosphere. Ranging from catchy pop tunes to rousing battle anthems, the soundtrack perfectly complements each moment, evoking the appropriate emotions and enhancing immersion. Coupled with superb voice acting, with both English and Japanese options available, the dialogue and performances bring the characters to life and further immerse players in the world of Persona 5.

Gameplay and Mechanics

Turn-based combat system

Persona 5’s turn-based combat system delivers an engaging and strategic gameplay experience. By exploiting enemy weaknesses and carefully selecting the most effective abilities, players can gain an advantage in battle. The use of Personas, which can be summoned to unleash powerful attacks and provide unique buffs and debuffs, adds a layer of depth to the combat mechanics. Additionally, the ability to negotiate with enemy Shadows, recruit them as Personas, or demand items and money introduces an element of choice and strategy. The combat system in Persona 5 strikes a perfect balance between accessibility and complexity, ensuring that both newcomers and RPG veterans are satisfied.

Persona fusion and abilities

One of the core aspects of Persona 5 is the ability to fuse Personas together to create even more powerful allies. By combining different Personas, players can create a wide variety of specialized characters with unique abilities, strengths, and weaknesses. Experimenting with different fusion combinations and finding the perfect balance of skills adds an additional layer of strategy to the gameplay. The diverse range of abilities, coupled with the possibility of strengthening and customizing Personas, allows players to tailor their playstyle to their preferences, making each playthrough a unique experience.

Social simulation elements

Persona 5 incorporates social simulation elements, allowing players to balance their time between battling in the Metaverse and living a regular student life in Tokyo. This adds a refreshing dynamic to the gameplay, as players are not solely focused on combat. By engaging in various activities, such as studying, working part-time jobs, or building relationships with other characters, players can increase their abilities and unlock bonuses that aid them in combat. The social simulation elements in Persona 5 provide a sense of realism and immersion, making every decision feel meaningful and adding depth to the overall experience.

Twist on Traditional RPGs

Innovative gameplay features

Persona 5 introduces several innovative gameplay features that set it apart from traditional RPGs. The ability to negotiate with enemies during battles, for example, adds an element of unpredictability and strategy. Additionally, the inclusion of the “Confidant” system, which allows players to build relationships with various characters, provides a unique twist on character development and progression. These innovative features not only enhance the gameplay experience but also contribute to the player’s immersion in the game’s world.

Exploration of deeper themes

Beyond its engaging gameplay, Persona 5 delves into deeper themes and explores social issues. The game tackles subjects such as corruption, identity, and the power of redemption. Through its compelling storyline and well-developed characters, Persona 5 prompts players to reflect on societal norms and question their own beliefs. This exploration of deeper themes adds an extra layer of complexity to the game, elevating it beyond mere entertainment and fostering personal growth and introspection.

Subverting RPG tropes

Persona 5 cleverly subverts traditional RPG tropes, defying expectations and offering players a fresh and unique experience. From its unconventional high school setting to its morally ambiguous choices, the game constantly challenges genre conventions, creating a narrative that surprises and engages players at every turn. By subverting expectations, Persona 5 stands out among its peers and solidifies its place as a groundbreaking RPG.

Length and Replayability

Main story duration

The main story of Persona 5 offers a substantial gameplay experience that spans over 100 hours. The carefully crafted narrative, combined with the multitude of activities and story progression options, ensures that players remain engaged and invested for the entirety of the game. The extended length allows for a rich and immersive storytelling experience, giving players ample time to explore the world and fully appreciate the depth of the game.

Side quests and activities

In addition to the main story, Persona 5 offers a plethora of side quests and activities to further immerse players in its world. From hanging out with friends to partaking in various hobbies and mini-games, there is an abundance of content outside of the main narrative. These side quests not only provide additional gameplay hours but also offer unique rewards, character development opportunities, and additional storylines, ensuring that players are constantly engaged and rewarded for their exploration.

Multiple endings and new game plus

Persona 5 features multiple endings, adding a layer of replayability to the game. The choices players make throughout the game have a significant impact on the ultimate outcome, allowing for different storylines and character resolutions. Furthermore, Persona 5 offers a New Game Plus mode, allowing players to carry over certain progress and abilities while experiencing the game anew. This feature encourages multiple playthroughs, inviting players to uncover hidden secrets, optimize their gameplay strategies, and fully explore the vast world of Persona 5.

Game’s Reception and Criticisms

Critical acclaim and awards

Persona 5 has received widespread critical acclaim, earning numerous accolades and awards. The game’s compelling narrative, innovative gameplay mechanics, and stunning visuals have been praised by critics and players alike. It has gained recognition for its unique style and successful combination of various gameplay elements, solidifying its place as one of the best RPGs of its generation.

Praise for the game’s style

One of the standout aspects of Persona 5 is its distinctive and stylish presentation. The game’s stunning visuals, eye-catching character designs, and captivating art style have garnered praise for their attention to detail and the seamless integration of aesthetics into gameplay. Coupled with the superb soundtrack and top-notch voice acting, Persona 5’s style is praised for its ability to create an immersive and unforgettable gaming experience.

Common criticisms and drawbacks

Despite its many strengths, Persona 5 is not without its criticisms. Some players felt that the pacing of the game could be slow at times, particularly during the initial hours of gameplay. Additionally, the complexity of the gameplay systems and the multitude of options available could be overwhelming for newcomers to the series or the RPG genre as a whole. However, these critiques are relatively minor in the grand scheme of the game’s overall success.

Comparison with Previous Persona Games

Differences in gameplay and story

Persona 5 distinguishes itself from its predecessors through several significant differences in gameplay and story. The game’s setting and narrative explore unique themes and take a darker and more mature tone compared to previous entries in the series. Additionally, Persona 5 features refined combat mechanics, a revamped social link system, and improved accessibility, ensuring a smoother and more enjoyable gameplay experience for both longtime fans and newcomers.

Improvements and additions

Building upon the foundation set by previous Persona games, Persona 5 introduces numerous improvements and additions. The inclusion of the Negotiation system, the ability to customize Personas through fusion, and an enhanced social link system are just a few examples of the refinements Atlus has implemented. These additions enhance player agency and offer more options for customization and progression, resulting in a more satisfying and immersive experience.

Fan reception and nostalgia factor

Persona 5 has garnered immense praise from fans of the series, who appreciate the game’s unique style and the ways in which it builds upon the legacy of its predecessors. The nostalgia factor is significant for longtime fans, as Persona 5 offers familiar gameplay mechanics and references to previous entries, yet manages to innovate and surprise at every turn. The game’s ability to inspire both nostalgia and new excitement has contributed to its warm reception among fans.

Conclusion and Verdict

Summary of the game’s strengths

Persona 5 is a stylish RPG that excels on multiple fronts. The game’s captivating storyline, well-developed characters, and striking art style create a truly immersive experience. The innovative gameplay mechanics, including the social simulation elements and turn-based combat, bring depth and strategy to the gameplay. With the addition of its unique presentation and powerful soundtrack, Persona 5 is an aesthetic triumph that stands out among its peers.

Final thoughts on the experience

Playing Persona 5 is an unforgettable journey. The immersive world, thought-provoking themes, and well-crafted narrative combine to create a gaming experience that will resonate with players long after the final credits roll. The ability to forge meaningful connections with characters, make impactful choices, and explore complex moral dilemmas adds layers of depth and interactivity, making Persona 5 a truly special RPG.

Recommendation for RPG fans

For fans of the RPG genre, Persona 5 is an absolute must-play. Its blend of engaging gameplay, compelling storytelling, and stylish presentation sets it apart and solidifies its position as one of the best RPGs of its time. Whether you’re a fan of the series or new to the Persona franchise, Persona 5 offers an experience that is both familiar and fresh, making it an essential addition to any RPG fan’s library.


Persona 5 is a stylish and innovative RPG that captivates players with its engaging storyline, unique gameplay mechanics, and stunning visuals. The game’s combination of turn-based combat, social simulation elements, and exploration of deeper themes sets it apart from traditional RPGs. Persona 5’s success is evident in its critical acclaim, impressive awards, and dedicated fan base. With its memorable characters, immersive world, and thought-provoking narrative, Persona 5 offers an experience that is not to be missed. Whether you’re a longtime fan of the series or new to the genre, Persona 5 is a game that will leave a lasting impression and should be at the top of any RPG enthusiast’s list.