Journey To The Savage Planet Review – Hilarious Sci-Fi Exploration

Embark on an extraordinary and hilarious sci-fi exploration in Journey to the Savage Planet. Delve into its immersive gameplay and stunning visuals.

I recently embarked on an extraordinary adventure in “Journey to the Savage Planet,” a game that blends the thrill of exploration with a generous dose of laughter. Set in a vibrant and imaginative sci-fi world, this review is all about the delightful journey I experienced through uncharted territory, encountering bizarre creatures and solving peculiar puzzles along the way. With its unique sense of humor, immersive gameplay mechanics, and stunning visuals, “Journey to the Savage Planet” offers an unforgettable experience that had me laughing out loud while exploring the unknown.


Welcome to my comprehensive article on “Journey to the Savage Planet.” In this article, I will provide an overview of the game, delve into its gameplay mechanics and storyline, discuss its visuals and sound design, and explore the humor and satire elements present in the game. We will also discuss the replay value and highlight the pros and cons of the game. By the end, you will have a clear understanding of what “Journey to the Savage Planet” has to offer and whether it is a game worth experiencing.

Game Overview


“Journey to the Savage Planet” is an innovative and humorous sci-fi exploration game developed by Typhoon Studios. It was published by 505 Games and released on January 28, 2020 for multiple platforms, including PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Microsoft Windows.


This game falls into the action-adventure genre with a focus on exploration, resource gathering, crafting, and character progression. It combines elements of open-world exploration with a humorous and satirical narrative, making it a unique and entertaining experience.


The game was developed by Typhoon Studios, an independent game studio based in Montreal, Canada. With a passion for creating memorable gaming experiences, Typhoon Studios set out to develop “Journey to the Savage Planet” as their debut project.

Release Date

“Journey to the Savage Planet” was released on January 28, 2020, much to the excitement of gamers worldwide. Its release received positive reviews from both critics and players, who praised its humor, exploration, and engaging gameplay mechanics.

Gameplay Mechanics


Exploration is at the core of “Journey to the Savage Planet.” As the player, you are tasked with exploring the vibrant and alien world known as AR-Y 26. You’ll encounter a wide variety of unique and strange creatures, flora, and landmarks. The game encourages exploration by rewarding players with hidden secrets, collectibles, and upgrades throughout the vast and open environment.

Resource Gathering

Resource gathering is a crucial aspect of gameplay in “Journey to the Savage Planet.” You’ll need to collect various resources found on AR-Y 26 to craft new equipment, weapons, and upgrades. These resources are scattered throughout the world, requiring you to carefully search and scavenge for them. Resource management and prioritization are essential for survival and progression.


Crafting plays a significant role in “Journey to the Savage Planet.” Using the resources you gather, you can craft new equipment and upgrades to enhance your abilities. This allows you to overcome challenges, unlock new areas, and discover secrets. Experimenting with different crafting combinations adds depth to the gameplay and encourages players to think creatively.

Character Progression

As you explore AR-Y 26 and complete objectives, your character will progress and gain new abilities. These abilities, such as enhanced jumping or grappling, enable you to reach previously inaccessible areas and uncover hidden secrets. Character progression adds a sense of accomplishment and growth, making each new ability a rewarding step in your journey.

Cooperative Gameplay

“Journey to the Savage Planet” also offers cooperative gameplay, allowing you to explore the alien world with a friend. Through online multiplayer or local co-op, you and a partner can tackle challenges, collect resources, and complete objectives together. Cooperation and communication become essential to overcoming obstacles and maximizing your effectiveness as a team.

Storyline and Setting


The plot of “Journey to the Savage Planet” revolves around being an astronaut representing Kindred Aerospace, the galaxy’s fourth-best interstellar exploration company. Your mission is to assess the habitability of AR-Y 26 and determine if it is a suitable planet for future human colonization. However, upon arrival, you discover that things are not as they seem, and uncovering the truth becomes a central objective.

The Planet AR-Y 26

AR-Y 26 serves as the game’s main setting. It is a vibrant and lush alien world filled with a fascinating array of flora and fauna. The planet’s diverse ecosystems provide numerous opportunities for exploration and discovery. From dense jungles to arid deserts, each area of AR-Y 26 offers distinct challenges and rewards, making the journey captivating and visually stunning.

Humor and Satire

Humor and satire are woven throughout the game, enriching the overall experience. Whether it’s the witty dialogue between characters or the absurd situations you encounter, “Journey to the Savage Planet” maintains a lighthearted tone. The game brilliantly satirizes corporate culture and the idea of reckless colonization, adding depth and thought-provoking elements amidst the laughter.

Visuals and Sound Design


Visually, “Journey to the Savage Planet” impresses with its vibrant and colorful graphics. The alien world of AR-Y 26 is stunningly rendered, capturing the beauty and strangeness of its environments. The attention to detail in the flora and fauna creates a believable and immersive world, enhancing the exploration experience.

Art Style

The game’s art style adds to its charm and uniqueness. The colorful and cartoony aesthetic creates a sense of whimsy and adventure, perfectly complementing the lighthearted tone of the game. The art style contributes to the overall immersive experience, making the world of AR-Y 26 feel alive and inviting.

Sound Effects and Music

The sound design of “Journey to the Savage Planet” is carefully crafted to enhance the gameplay. From the buzzing of alien insects to the environmental ambiance, the sound effects immerse players in the alien world. The music, composed specifically for the game, complements the visuals and gameplay, setting the mood for each area and adding to the overall atmospheric experience.

Humor and Satire


The dialogues in “Journey to the Savage Planet” are a highlight of the game. They are cleverly written, with witty banter between characters and humorous observations about the absurdities of the situation you find yourself in. The dialogue adds depth to the characters and contributes to the game’s overall humor and satire.


The characters in “Journey to the Savage Planet” are quirky and memorable, each with their unique personalities and motivations. From your robotic AI companion to the inhabitants of AR-Y 26, interactions with these characters provide moments of comedy and satire. Their eccentricities and humorous antics make the game all the more enjoyable.

References and Parodies

“Journey to the Savage Planet” includes references and parodies of various sci-fi tropes and pop culture elements. From nods to classic sci-fi movies to playful jabs at well-known video games, the game cleverly integrates these references without detracting from its own unique identity. Discovering these references adds an extra layer of fun for players familiar with the source material.

Replay Value

Multiple Endings

“Journey to the Savage Planet” offers multiple endings based on the choices you make throughout the game. These endings provide different resolutions to the central plot and add replay value for those who wish to experience all possible outcomes. The branching narrative encourages players to explore different paths and make decisions that align with their desired ending.

Collectibles and Achievements

The game features a wide range of collectibles and achievements to discover and unlock. From hidden items scattered throughout the world to challenging feats of skill, collecting these items and achieving milestones adds replay value to “Journey to the Savage Planet.” Completionists will find themselves engaged in the game long after the main story is complete.


Hilarious Dialogues

The witty and amusing dialogues in “Journey to the Savage Planet” consistently deliver laughs and add to the game’s overall charm. The clever writing keeps players engaged and entertained throughout their exploration of AR-Y 26.

Fun and Engaging Gameplay

The gameplay mechanics, including exploration, resource gathering, and crafting, create a fun and engaging experience. The sense of progression and discovery motivates players to explore and experiment, making each moment enjoyable and rewarding.

Creative World Design

The vibrant and imaginative world of AR-Y 26 captures the player’s attention and creates a captivating environment to explore. The attention to detail in the flora, fauna, and landscapes showcases the creative talent of the developers, immersing players in a truly unique experience.


Lack of Variety in Objectives

While the gameplay mechanics in “Journey to the Savage Planet” are enjoyable, some players may find the objectives to be lacking in variety. The game can feel repetitive at times, with similar tasks and missions being assigned throughout the playthrough.

Repetitive Enemy Encounters

Similarly, the enemy encounters in the game can become repetitive, as players encounter the same types of creatures and face similar combat scenarios. This repetition may lessen the overall excitement and challenge for some players.


Overall, “Journey to the Savage Planet” offers a hilarious and engaging sci-fi exploration experience. With its clever writing, fun gameplay mechanics, and creative world design, it provides hours of entertainment and laughter. While it may suffer from a lack of variety in objectives and enemy encounters, the pros far outweigh the cons. If you’re a fan of humorous storytelling and enjoy exploring unique worlds, I highly recommend embarking on this unforgettable journey to AR-Y 26.