How Do I Unlock Different Rocket League Cars?

Unlock a wide variety of awesome cars in Rocket League with tips and tricks from this article. Discover how to unlock cars through gameplay, challenges, leveling up, trading, and special events.

Want to amp up your Rocket League game and stand out from the crowd? Look no further! In this article, we’ve got all the tips and tricks to help you unlock a wide variety of awesome cars in Rocket League. From flashy and fast to quirky and unique, there’s a car for every style and taste. So, buckle up and get ready to discover the secrets to unlocking your dream ride in the world of Rocket League! Rocket League offers players a variety of ways to unlock different cars, allowing you to customize your gameplay experience and show off your style on the field. In this article, we will explore some of the most common ways to unlock Rocket League cars, including gameplay, challenges, leveling up, trading with other players, and special events.

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Common Ways to Unlock Rocket League Cars

Play Matches

One of the most straightforward ways to unlock Rocket League cars is simply by playing matches. As you engage in online or offline play, there is a chance that a random car drop will occur at the end of a match, rewarding you with a new vehicle to add to your collection. This can be an exciting way to discover new cars and expand your options on the field.

Complete Challenges

Unlocking cars through challenges adds an extra layer of excitement and achievement to your gameplay. Rocket League offers a variety of challenges, ranging from weekly challenges to seasonal and Rocket Pass challenges. By completing these tasks, such as scoring goals or making specific in-game moves, you can unlock exclusive cars as rewards.

Leveling Up

As you play Rocket League, you earn experience points (XP) that contribute to your overall level. Leveling up not only showcases your progression but also unlocks various rewards, including new cars. Each time you reach a new level, you may receive a car as a tier reward, providing you with additional options for your matches.

Trading with Other Players

For those who enjoy a more social aspect of the game, trading with other players can be an excellent way to unlock new cars. Rocket League allows players to trade items, including cars, with each other. By participating in trades, you can exchange your unwanted cars for ones that you’ve had your eye on or negotiate deals to obtain rare or sought-after vehicles.

Unlocking Cars Through Gameplay

Random Drops

During gameplay, there is a chance for random car drops to occur. These drops can happen at the end of a match, giving you the excitement of surprise and the opportunity to unlock a new car. Keep playing and this random chance may come your way.

End-of-Match Drops

Similar to random drops, end-of-match drops reward you with cars after completing matches. These drops are not entirely random but can happen at specific intervals. The more matches you complete, the higher the chances of receiving an end-of-match drop and unlocking a new car.

Rocket Pass

Rocket Pass is a seasonal progression system in Rocket League that offers various tiers of rewards, including cars. By purchasing the Rocket Pass or the premium version called Rocket Pass Premium, you gain access to exclusive car unlocks as you progress through the tiers. This provides a fun and rewarding way to unlock new vehicles and other in-game items.

Seasonal Events

Seasonal events in Rocket League introduce limited-time game modes and special activities. These events often bring unique rewards, including cars, that cannot be obtained through regular gameplay. By participating in these events, you can unlock exclusive vehicles and showcase your dedication and involvement in the game.

Unlocking Cars with Challenges

Weekly Challenges

Rocket League introduces weekly challenges that provide players with specific tasks to complete during a set period. By successfully completing these challenges, you can unlock cars as rewards. These challenges, which may range from scoring a certain number of goals to performing specific actions, offer an engaging way to unlock new vehicles and test your skills on the field.

Seasonal Challenges

Similar to weekly challenges, seasonal challenges offer a longer-term objective for players. These challenges align with the specific theme or content of each season and provide unique rewards, including cars, upon completion. By participating in seasonal challenges, you can unlock rare and exclusive vehicles, further enhancing the diversity of your collection.

Rocket Pass Challenges

As part of the Rocket Pass system, Rocket Pass challenges offer additional opportunities for players to unlock cars. These challenges are specifically tied to the Rocket Pass tiers and provide a progression-based path to obtain new vehicles. By completing these challenges, you can earn tiered rewards and expand your car collection along the way.

Unlocking Cars by Leveling Up

XP System

Rocket League features an XP system that tracks your progress and level within the game. By participating in matches and performing well, you earn XP, which contributes to your overall level. As you accumulate XP, you gradually unlock new cars and other rewards, providing a sense of achievement and progression.

Tier Rewards

Leveling up not only unlocks new cars but also grants tier rewards. These rewards can include additional customization options, like decals and wheels, alongside the cars themselves. As you continue to level up, you will receive more tier rewards and expand your options for creating unique and personalized cars.

Rocket Pass Tiers

The Rocket Pass also correlates with your level progression. By purchasing the Rocket Pass or Rocket Pass Premium, you gain access to additional tiers that offer car unlocks. As you complete challenges and earn experience points, you progress through the Rocket Pass tiers, gradually unlocking new cars and other exclusive items.

Unlocking Cars through Trading

Item Trading Basics

Trading with other players is a significant aspect of Rocket League’s community. To engage in item trading, players must have items of their own to offer in exchange for the cars they desire. By participating in trades, you can negotiate deals that allow you to unlock and acquire new cars without relying solely on in-game unlocks. This player-driven economy provides a dynamic and exciting way to expand your car collection.

Trading with Other Players

To trade with other players effectively, it is crucial to communicate and negotiate mutually beneficial deals. If you possess a car that another player desires, and they possess a car you want, you can initiate a trade. Through direct player-to-player trades, you can exchange cars and expand your collection with vehicles that might be challenging to unlock through other means.

Online Trading Platforms

To facilitate trading, various online platforms and communities have emerged, providing Rocket League players with dedicated spaces to connect and make trades. These platforms allow you to showcase the cars you want to trade and browse the cars available from other players. Utilizing these resources can enhance your trading experience and increase your chances of unlocking new cars.

Special Car Unlocks

In-Game Store

Rocket League’s in-game store offers a selection of cars available for direct purchase. These cars can be unlocked by using in-game currency or real-world money, providing players with immediate access to exclusive vehicles. While this method requires a monetary investment, it offers the convenience of choosing specific cars to unlock without relying on chance or other unlock methods.

Promotional Codes

Rocket League occasionally releases promotional codes that players can redeem to unlock special cars. These codes are often tied to real-world events, collaborations, or celebrations. By keeping an eye on official Rocket League announcements and participating in events, you can discover and redeem these codes, granting you access to unique and limited cars.

Limited-Time Events

Rocket League frequently hosts limited-time events that introduce new content, game modes, and exclusive rewards. During these events, players are presented with the opportunity to unlock special cars that may not be available through other means. By actively participating in these events, you can unlock unique vehicles and further diversify your car collection.

Unlocking Licensed or Branded Cars

Purchasing DLCs

To offer even more variety in car selection, Rocket League provides downloadable content (DLCs) that include licensed or branded cars. These DLCs can be individually purchased and grant you access to specific vehicles that are often based on popular brands or media franchises. By investing in DLCs, you can unlock cars that reflect your personal interests and preferences.

Rocket Pass Premium

As mentioned earlier, purchasing Rocket Pass Premium unlocks additional tiers within the Rocket Pass. These tiers offer unique car unlocks that are exclusive to Rocket Pass Premium users. By purchasing Rocket Pass Premium, players can access even more cars, further expanding their collection and adding exclusive vehicles to their roster.

Special Edition Vehicles

Rocket League occasionally introduces special edition vehicles, often tied to collaborations or limited-time events. These cars typically feature unique decals, wheels, or other visual elements that differentiate them from their standard counterparts. By participating in the associated events or promotions, you can unlock these special edition vehicles and showcase your involvement and dedication to the game.

Unlocking Cars with Blueprints

Blueprint System

Rocket League introduced the Blueprint system as a replacement for the previous crate system. Blueprints are obtained during gameplay and showcase a specific item, including cars. To unlock a car from a blueprint, players must spend credits, the in-game currency, to create the item. By accumulating blueprints and credits, you can unlock a wide range of cars and other in-game items.

Creating Items from Blueprints

To create a car from a blueprint, you must navigate to the in-game customization menu and select the blueprint you wish to unlock. This will display the required number of credits needed to create the item. If you have enough credits, you can proceed with the creation process, unlocking the car and adding it to your collection. Blueprints offer a more targeted approach to unlocking cars, allowing you to choose specific vehicles you desire.

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Unlocking Cars with Tournament Credits

Participating in Tournaments

Rocket League features a tournament system that allows players to compete in organized competitions and earn tournament credits. By participating in tournaments, both online and in-game, you have the opportunity to accumulate tournament credits that can be used to unlock cars. Embrace the competitive spirit and challenge yourself in tournaments to unlock unique vehicles.

Earning Tournament Credits

As you progress through tournaments and achieve success, you will earn tournament credits as rewards. The number of credits earned depends on your performance and placement within the tournament. By consistently participating and performing well, you can accumulate a significant number of tournament credits, offering you the means to unlock cars and expand your collection.

Redeeming Tournament Credits

To redeem tournament credits for cars, navigate to the appropriate section within the Rocket League interface. This will allow you to browse the available cars that can be unlocked using tournament credits. Select the car you desire, spend the necessary credits, and enjoy your new addition to your collection. The tournament credits system provides a competitive avenue to unlock unique and exclusive cars.

Unlocking Cars through In-Game Events

Limited-Time Modes

Rocket League often introduces limited-time game modes that offer unique gameplay experiences. These modes may have specific objectives or rules and provide rewards upon completion. By participating in these limited-time modes, you can unlock cars and other exclusive rewards, ensuring you stay engaged with the game and its evolving content.

Seasonal In-Game Events

In addition to limited-time game modes, Rocket League hosts seasonal in-game events that align with real-world celebrations or holidays. These events introduce themed arenas, special game modes, and exclusive rewards, including cars. By immersing yourself in these seasonal events, you can unlock vehicles that are only available during these specific periods, showcasing your participation and dedication to the game.

Collaborative Events

Collaborative events leverage partnerships between Rocket League and other brands or franchises to create unique in-game experiences and unlock opportunities. By participating in these events, whether through completing tasks or participating in specific challenges, you can unlock cars that have been specially designed or themed to align with the collaboration. Collaborative events offer exciting and exclusive car unlocks that cannot be obtained through regular gameplay.

In conclusion, Rocket League offers a plethora of ways to unlock different cars, catering to various playstyles and preferences. Whether you prefer to grind through challenges, participate in tournaments, or engage in trades with other players, there are numerous avenues to expand your car collection and express your personal style on the field. By taking advantage of the diverse unlock methods available, you can create a unique and impressive fleet of rockets, showcasing your dedication and love for the game.

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