How Do I Perform Aerial Shots In Rocket League?

Want to learn how to perform aerial shots in Rocket League? This article breaks down the key steps and techniques to help you dominate the field.

Want to up your game in Rocket League? Mastering aerial shots can give you the edge you need to dominate the field. So, how do you perform those impressive leaps and precise strikes in mid-air? In this article, we’ll break down the key steps and techniques that will have you soaring through the virtual skies and scoring goals like a pro. Get ready to take your Rocket League skills to new heights!

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Mechanics of Aerial Shots

Boost Management

Boost management is crucial when attempting aerial shots in Rocket League. It is important to always be mindful of your boost levels and to make strategic decisions regarding when to use it. When going for an aerial shot, make sure you have enough boost to reach the ball and maintain control in the air. Boost pads are scattered throughout the arena, so be sure to collect them whenever possible to maintain a healthy boost supply.

Car Positioning

Positioning your car correctly is key to successfully executing aerial shots. Before going for an aerial, make sure your car is lined up with the ball and angled properly. Adjust your car’s position so that you have a clear and unobstructed path towards the ball. This will help you maintain control and accuracy during your aerial shot.

Jump Timing

The timing of your jump is essential when attempting aerial shots. As the ball is approaching, wait for the right moment to jump and gain height. Timing your jump correctly will allow you to meet the ball at the optimal height for a successful shot. Practice the timing of your jumps to improve your consistency in aerial shots.


Using dodges effectively can greatly enhance your aerial shots. Just before making contact with the ball, perform a dodge to add power and accuracy to your shot. The dodge allows you to hit the ball with greater force, making it more difficult for opponents to save. Mastering the timing and execution of your dodges will greatly improve your aerial shots.

Air Roll

Air rolling is a technique that allows you to rotate your car in mid-air, enabling you to adjust your orientation and position for better aerial shots. Experiment with air rolling to find the optimal angles and positions for hitting the ball. By combining air rolls with boost management and car positioning, you can achieve more control and precision in your aerial shots.

Training for Aerial Shots

Aerial Shot Training Packs

Aerial shot training packs are a great way to practice and improve your aerial shots. These packs offer various scenarios and setups designed to challenge your aerial skills. By consistently practicing these packs, you can refine your mechanics, boost management, and timing, ultimately leading to more successful aerial shots during competitive matches.

Aerial Freestyle Training

If you’re looking to take your aerial shots to the next level, aerial freestyle training is worth exploring. These training exercises focus on complex and creative aerial maneuvers, pushing your skills and creativity to new heights. Freestyle training can be a fun and challenging way to improve your overall aerial shot abilities.

Custom Training

Custom training allows you to create your own tailor-made aerial shot training sessions. You can set up specific scenarios, adjust difficulty levels, and target areas you want to improve upon. Use custom training to work on specific aspects of your aerial shots, such as accuracy, power, or angle of approach. Custom training provides you with the flexibility to focus on your individual needs and goals.

Tips and Techniques for Aerial Shots

Anticipation and Read the Ball

Anticipation is crucial in executing successful aerial shots. Read the ball’s trajectory and trajectory early to position yourself in the right spot and time your jump accordingly. Pay attention to your opponents’ movements and be aware of potential redirects or clears. The better you can anticipate the ball’s movement, the more accurate and powerful your aerial shots will be.

Angle of Approach

The angle at which you approach the ball during an aerial shot is crucial to your success. Aim to approach the ball from below or the side, as this will give you better control and allow for more accurate shooting. Avoid approaching the ball head-on, as this can lead to weaker shots and less control over the ball.

Timing and Speed

Timing and speed are essential elements in executing successful aerial shots. Time your jumps and boosts properly to meet the ball at the ideal moment. Additionally, maintaining a high speed while approaching the ball will add velocity to your shot, making it more challenging for opponents to save. Practice your timing and speed to enhance the power and effectiveness of your aerial shots.

Power and Accuracy

Achieving both power and accuracy in your aerial shots is the ultimate goal. Focus on hitting the ball with the right amount of force to generate power while maintaining control. Aim for the desired target on the goal, keeping in mind the goalkeeper’s position and any potential obstructions. With practice, you’ll be able to consistently deliver powerful and accurate aerial shots.

Recovery and Follow-up

After completing an aerial shot, it is essential to quickly recover and position yourself for follow-up plays. Maintain awareness of your surroundings and be ready to react to any rebounds or opportunities that may arise. Efficient recovery and follow-up will allow you to maintain pressure on the opposing team and potentially score additional goals.

Defensive Aerial Shots

Clearing the Ball

Defensive aerial shots are crucial for clearing the ball from your own goal area and preventing your opponents from scoring. When clearing the ball, aim to meet it at the highest point possible to gain more control and distance. By effectively clearing the ball, you give your team time to regroup and set up offensive plays.

Saving Shots on Goal

Aerial shots can also be utilized defensively to save shots on goal. Position yourself properly and time your jump to intercept the incoming shot and deflect it away from your goal. Mastering defensive aerial shots can be a game-changer, as it can prevent the opposing team from scoring crucial goals.


Utilizing aerial shots as a counterattacking strategy can be highly effective. When your opponents are on the offensive, look for opportunities to intercept the ball and quickly transition into a counterattack. A well-executed aerial shot during a counterattack can catch the opposing team off guard and lead to scoring opportunities.

Advanced Aerial Shot Techniques

Double Touch

The double touch is an advanced aerial shot technique that involves hitting the ball twice in quick succession. By redirecting the ball off a surface, such as the backboard or a wall, you can position yourself for a second touch and score a goal. Mastering the double touch requires precise timing, coordination, and aerial control.


Redirecting the ball during an aerial shot involves changing its direction mid-air. This technique is useful for surprising the goalkeeper and creating scoring opportunities. By hitting the ball at an angle and redirecting it towards the goal, you can catch the defense off guard and secure goals that would otherwise be hard to score.

Air Dribble

An air dribble involves maintaining ball control while dribbling it in the air. This advanced aerial shot technique requires excellent car and boost management, as well as precise control of the ball. Mastering the air dribble can give you a significant advantage, as it allows for creative and unexpected shot opportunities.

Ceiling Shot

Ceiling shots are a flashy technique that involves hitting the ball while driving on the arena ceiling. By utilizing the arena’s ceiling, you can achieve unique angles and shot opportunities that are difficult for defenders to anticipate. Ceiling shots require advanced car control and aerial awareness.

Flip Reset

A flip reset is a technique that involves touching all four wheels of your car to the ball while in mid-air, allowing you to regain your flip ability. By utilizing a flip reset, you can execute powerful aerial shots with added accuracy and surprise your opponents. Mastering the flip reset requires precise timing and coordination.

Improving Aerial Shot Consistency

Practice and Repetition

Consistency in aerial shots can be achieved through dedicated practice and repetition. Take the time to consistently work on your aerial shot mechanics, training packs, and custom training scenarios. By practicing regularly, your muscle memory will develop, allowing you to execute aerial shots more consistently in actual matches.

Analyzing Mistakes

Analyzing your mistakes is a vital step towards improving your aerial shots. Pay attention to areas where you tend to miss or lack accuracy. Identify the reasons behind these mistakes, such as improper timing, positioning, or boost management. By pinpointing your weaknesses, you can focus on specific areas for improvement and make adjustments accordingly.

Awareness and Positioning

Having excellent awareness and positioning is crucial for consistency in aerial shots. Always be aware of your surroundings, including the position of teammates, opponents, and the ball. By positioning yourself correctly, you can set up better angles and approaches for your aerial shots. Maintain constant communication and adapt to the flow of the game to be in the right place at the right time.

Game Sense

Developing a strong game sense is essential for consistent aerial shots. Game sense involves understanding the flow of the game, predicting opponent’s movements, and making quick decisions. By developing good game sense, you can better anticipate opportunities for aerial shots and capitalize on them. Stay engaged throughout the match and constantly adapt your strategies based on the game’s dynamics.

Aerial Shots in Different Game Modes


Aerial shots in 2v2 matches can be highly effective in creating scoring opportunities. With fewer players on the field, there is often more open space to exploit with aerial shots. Communicate with your teammate and coordinate your efforts to execute well-timed and accurate aerial shots. Utilize the extra space to set up passing plays and surprise the opposing team with aerial shots from unexpected angles.


In 3v3 matches, aerial shots become a crucial tool for both offense and defense. Coordinate with your teammates to create passing plays and execute aerial shots that catch the opposing team off guard. In defense, focus on effective clears and saving shots on goal through well-timed aerial shots. Communication and teamwork are key to successfully incorporating aerial shots in 3v3 matches.

Solo Duel

In solo duels, aerial shots can be a game-changer. By mastering aerial shots, you gain a significant advantage over your opponent, as you can create scoring opportunities and defend your goal more effectively. Focus on maintaining good boost management and choose your aerial shots wisely to outplay your opponent. Aerial shots can tilt the game in your favor in solo duel matches.

Rumble, Hoops, and Dropshot

Aerial shots add an exciting dimension to alternative game modes such as Rumble, Hoops, and Dropshot. These game modes have unique arenas and dynamics that lend themselves well to creative aerial shots. Experiment with different aerial shot techniques and strategies to fully utilize the unique characteristics of these game modes. Embrace the chaos and enjoy the thrill of aerial shots in these alternate game modes.

Using Training Tools and Mods

Rocket League Trainer

Rocket League Trainer is a popular training tool that allows players to create and share custom training scenarios. This tool provides a wide range of training packs specifically designed to improve aerial shots. By utilizing Rocket League Trainer, you can practice various scenarios and shots to enhance your aerial shot mechanics and consistency.


BakkesMod is a game enhancement tool for Rocket League that offers a variety of features, including training tools and customizable settings. With BakkesMod, you can create custom training packs, adjust arena conditions, and analyze your gameplay through advanced replay functions. This tool is a valuable asset for improving your aerial shot skills and overall gameplay.

Custom Training Packs

Custom training packs, created by the Rocket League community, provide a vast array of scenarios tailored to enhance your aerial shots. These packs can focus on specific aspects of aerial shots, such as angle of approach, boost management, or advanced techniques. Explore the multitude of custom training packs available and find those that target your areas of improvement.

Workshop Maps

Workshop maps offer unique environments and challenges for practicing aerial shots. These custom maps are created by the Rocket League community and provide diverse scenarios to refine your aerial shot skills. Workshop maps can offer alternative perspectives, unconventional obstacles, and creative shot opportunities, enhancing your overall aerial shot capabilities.

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Watching and Learning from Professionals

Watching Pro Matches

Watching professional Rocket League matches is a great way to learn from the best in the game. Pay attention to how professional players approach aerial shots, their positioning, boost management, and decision-making. Analyze their techniques and strategies, and try to incorporate them into your own gameplay. Pro matches offer valuable insights and inspiration for improving your aerial shots.

Analyzing Pro Gameplay

In addition to watching pro matches, analyzing individual professional players’ gameplay can be highly beneficial. Many professional players stream their gameplay, providing an opportunity to observe their aerial shot techniques up-close. Take note of their decision-making, aerial control, and mechanics, and apply what you learn to your own gameplay.

Tutorials and Guides

Plenty of tutorials and guides are available online, created by experienced players and content creators. These resources provide step-by-step instructions and tips for mastering aerial shots. Watch tutorials and read guides to gain a deeper understanding of the mechanics and techniques involved in aerial shots. Follow the advice and practice the recommended drills to refine your skills.


Mastering aerial shots in Rocket League requires a combination of mechanical skill, strategic positioning, and game sense. By understanding the mechanics behind aerial shots and consistently practicing, you can improve your consistency and effectiveness in executing aerial shots. Explore various training tools and modes to enhance your skills, and draw inspiration from professional players. With dedication and perseverance, you can become a formidable force in the air and elevate your gameplay to new heights.

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