Hollow Knight Review – Metroidvania Excellence

Discover the mesmerizing world of "Hollow Knight," a Metroidvania game that redefines the genre. Immerse yourself in stunning visuals, challenging battles, and a haunting soundtrack. This gaming experience is nothing short of excellence.

I’ve just experienced an extraordinary journey through the depths of a beautifully crafted underground world in “Hollow Knight.” This mesmerizing Metroidvania game has captured my heart and mind with its stunning visuals, intricate gameplay mechanics, and a hauntingly atmospheric soundtrack. From the moment I stepped into the shoes of the tiny, silent knight exploring the forgotten kingdom of Hallownest, I was immediately drawn into a stunning adventure filled with challenging battles, mysterious lore, and unforgettable characters. “Hollow Knight” has truly redefined my expectations of the genre, delivering a gaming experience that is nothing short of excellence.

Overview of Hollow Knight

Hollow Knight: A Brief Introduction

Hollow Knight is a critically acclaimed and wildly popular Metroidvania game developed by Team Cherry. Set in the hauntingly beautiful and mysterious world of Hallownest, this dark and atmospheric adventure captivates players with its compelling gameplay, stunning art design, and deep lore. As the player takes on the role of a nameless knight, they delve deep into the forgotten kingdom, unravelling its secrets and battling against formidable enemies and bosses. Hollow Knight’s blend of challenging combat, intricate level design, and immersive storytelling has made it a standout title in the genre.

Gameplay Mechanics

At its core, Hollow Knight offers players a rich and diverse gameplay experience. The game seamlessly combines exploration, platforming, and intense combat to create a satisfying and engaging journey. The player controls the knight with precise and responsive controls, allowing for fluid movement and dynamic combat encounters. Along the way, players will unlock various upgrades and abilities that enhance their traversal and combat skills, providing a sense of progression and empowering the player to explore new areas and face tougher challenges.

Art and Sound Design

One of the most striking aspects of Hollow Knight is its stunning art and sound design. The hand-drawn visuals create a mesmerizing and atmospheric world filled with eerie and intricately detailed environments. From the hauntingly beautiful City of Tears to the desolate depths of Deepnest, each area in the game feels distinct and evocative, immersing players in a visually stunning experience. Combined with the hauntingly beautiful soundtrack, which dynamically shifts in response to the player’s actions and the environment, Hollow Knight’s audiovisual presentation successfully sets the tone and enhances the gameplay.

Storyline and Lore

The storyline and lore of Hollow Knight are as captivating as its gameplay. The game presents players with a beautifully crafted narrative, woven subtly into the gameplay and environmental storytelling. As the knight explores the kingdom of Hallownest, they encounter various intriguing characters, each with their own motivations and stories. Uncovering the history and lore of Hallownest feels like peeling back layers of a deep and intricate tapestry, with every new revelation adding to the player’s understanding and investment in the world. The lore of Hollow Knight is deep and rich, leaving players with a sense of awe and wonder.


Controls and Mechanics

Hollow Knight features tight and responsive controls that perfectly complement the game’s platforming and combat mechanics. The knight can perform a variety of moves, including slashing with their nail, dashing, and wall-jumping, allowing for precise and acrobatic navigation through the treacherous landscapes of Hallownest. The controls are intuitive and easy to grasp, providing a seamless and satisfying gameplay experience.

Exploration and Progression

Exploration is a central element of Hollow Knight, and the game excels at giving players a sense of freedom and discovery. The interconnected world of Hallownest is filled with hidden paths, secret areas, and shortcuts, rewarding those who explore every nook and cranny. As players progress through the game, they uncover new abilities and upgrades, expanding their exploration options and allowing them to reach previously inaccessible areas. The sense of progression and the thrill of uncovering hidden secrets make for a truly rewarding gameplay experience.

Combat System

Hollow Knight’s combat system is a perfect blend of precision, strategy, and challenge. The knight’s primary weapon is their trusty nail, which can be upgraded to deal more damage. Each enemy encounter requires careful timing, observation, and quick reflexes to dodge attacks and strike back. The game’s enemies are diverse and memorable, each with unique attack patterns and behaviors, keeping combat encounters fresh and engaging. Boss battles, in particular, are a highlight, with epic showdowns against towering and formidable foes that test the player’s skills to the limit.

Boss Battles

Boss battles in Hollow Knight are a true test of skill and determination. Each boss is meticulously designed, with their own distinct abilities and patterns. These epic encounters demand precision, quick thinking, and a deep understanding of the boss’s attack patterns. From the intimidating Hornet to the awe-inspiring Radiance, each boss battle is a thrilling and memorable experience, rewarding players with a sense of accomplishment and progression upon victory.

Upgrades and Abilities

Throughout their journey in Hallownest, players unlock various upgrades and abilities that greatly enhance their abilities in combat and exploration. Upgrades like the double jump or the ability to swim through acid open up new paths and secrets, encouraging the player to revisit previously explored areas. These upgrades not only empower the player but also serve as a tangible representation of their progression through the game. The joy of obtaining a new ability and discovering its potential uses adds a satisfying layer to the overall gameplay experience.

Art and Sound Design

Visual Style and Graphics

Hollow Knight’s visual style is nothing short of breathtaking. The hand-drawn art and animation breathe life into the characters and environments, creating a world that is both beautiful and haunting. The attention to detail is astounding, with every frame offering a feast for the eyes. From the atmospheric lighting to the intricate background details, Hollow Knight’s graphics immerse players in a visually stunning and immersive experience.

Environmental Design

The environmental design in Hollow Knight is masterfully executed. Each area in Hallownest feels distinct and holds its own unique atmosphere and challenges. From the overgrown forests of the Queen’s Gardens to the crumbling ruins of the Forgotten Crossroads, the world is beautifully crafted with a keen eye for detail and a sense of interconnectedness. The varied landscapes and clever level design ensure that exploring Hallownest never feels repetitive or dull.

Character and Enemy Design

The character and enemy design in Hollow Knight are both imaginative and memorable. The knight, with their simple yet iconic design, instantly becomes an endearing and relatable protagonist. The inhabitants of Hallownest are equally captivating, each with their own distinct personality and visual flair. From the mischievous charm of the nail masters to the eerie and otherworldly appearance of the dreamers, every character feels like a part of the living, breathing world of Hallownest.

Sound Effects and Music

The sound effects and music in Hollow Knight are a true auditory treat. From the soft rustling of leaves to the echoes of the knight’s nail striking enemies, the sound design expertly captures the atmosphere of the game. The music, composed by Christopher Larkin, is a standout feature, with its haunting melodies and atmospheric compositions. The score seamlessly shifts between serene and haunting tunes, perfectly complementing the gameplay and enhancing the emotional impact of each moment.

Storyline and Lore

Introduction to the Hollow Knight’s World

Hollow Knight introduces players to the kingdom of Hallownest, a vast and ancient civilization filled with mystery and decay. As players explore the world, they encounter various characters and uncover fragments of the kingdom’s rich history. The game adeptly weaves its narrative into the fabric of the gameplay, offering a tantalizing glimpse into the tragic past of Hallownest and the knight’s role within it. The immersive storytelling keeps players engaged and invested in the world and its characters.

Narrative and Characters

The narrative of Hollow Knight is conveyed through subtle environmental storytelling, snippets of dialogue, and cryptic lore tablets. This approach allows players to piece together the story at their own pace, fostering a sense of curiosity and intrigue. The characters in the game are diverse and memorable, each with their own motivations and stories. Whether it’s the enigmatic Hornet or the tragic figure of the Hollow Knight, the game’s characters are richly developed and contribute to the overall depth and emotional impact of the story.

Deep Lore and Secrets

Hollow Knight is famous for its deep and intricate lore, which extends far beyond its main narrative. Delving into the game’s lore reveals hidden secrets and interconnected stories that add layers of complexity and meaning to the world of Hallownest. From deciphering the cryptic inscriptions of the Dream Nail to unearthing the mysteries of the Pale King, uncovering the game’s lore is a rewarding experience that keeps players engaged and eager to uncover the truth behind the kingdom’s secrets.

Immersive Experience

The combination of atmospheric visuals, evocative music, and compelling storytelling creates an immersive experience that draws players into the world of Hollow Knight. From the moment players step foot in the decaying and hauntingly beautiful kingdom of Hallownest, they are enveloped in a sense of wonder and intrigue. The meticulous attention to detail in every aspect of the game’s design ensures that players are fully immersed in the world, resulting in a truly unforgettable gaming experience.

Level Design

Navigating the Kingdom of Hallownest

Hollow Knight’s level design is a masterclass in creating a cohesive and interconnected world. The kingdom of Hallownest is a sprawling maze of corridors, tunnels, and hidden passages, all seamlessly connected and waiting to be explored. The level design encourages players to meticulously explore every nook and cranny, rewarding their curiosity with hidden secrets, shortcuts, and new areas to discover. Navigating the intricacies of Hallownest is a joy in itself, with each new area offering unique challenges and surprises.

Interconnected Areas and Shortcuts

The interconnectedness of Hallownest is one of the game’s standout features. Players will often find themselves unlocking shortcuts and hidden passages that loop back to previously explored areas, allowing for efficient traversal and seamless exploration. These shortcuts play a crucial role in the gameplay, making backtracking less tedious and enhancing the sense of progression. The cleverly designed shortcuts and interconnected areas create a sense of cohesion and depth in the world of Hollow Knight.

Challenge and Puzzles

Hollow Knight is not without its fair share of challenges and puzzles. From platforming sections that test the player’s dexterity to complex environmental puzzles that require careful observation and exploration, the game keeps players on their toes. The challenges are never unfair, offering just the right amount of difficulty to keep players engaged and motivated. Overcoming these challenges is immensely satisfying and adds an extra layer of depth to the gameplay experience.

Hidden Secrets and Areas

Hollow Knight is teeming with hidden secrets and areas, rewarding players who venture off the beaten path. From hidden chambers to secret boss encounters, the game is filled with surprises waiting to be discovered. These hidden secrets often provide valuable upgrades, lore fragments, or even entire new areas to explore. The joy of stumbling upon a hidden secret and the excitement of uncovering new areas add a sense of wonder and discovery to the gameplay experience.

Challenge and Difficulty

Learning Curve and Difficulty Spike

Hollow Knight features a well-crafted learning curve that gradually introduces players to its mechanics and challenges. The early sections of the game serve as a tutorial, allowing players to familiarize themselves with the controls and basic gameplay mechanics. As the game progresses, the challenges become progressively more difficult, presenting players with tougher enemies, complex platforming sequences, and challenging boss battles. The difficulty spike feels balanced, providing a satisfying level of challenge without becoming frustrating.

Trial of the Warrior

For players seeking an extra challenge, Hollow Knight offers the Trial of the Warrior. Located in the Colosseum of Fools, this grueling gauntlet puts the player’s combat skills to the ultimate test. Waves of enemies, platforming challenges, and powerful bosses await those brave enough to take on the trial. The Trial of the Warrior is a true test of skill and perseverance, rewarding players who can overcome its challenges with valuable upgrades and bragging rights.

Dream Bosses

Hollow Knight introduces dream bosses, formidable foes that can be challenged in the realm of dreams. Dream bosses are optional encounters that provide an extra layer of challenge for players looking for an additional test of skill. These ethereal battles feature unique mechanics and demand precise timing and strategic thinking to overcome. Defeating dream bosses rewards players with powerful upgrades and insights into the game’s lore, making them a worthy challenge for completionists.

Completionist Goals

Hollow Knight offers a plethora of completionist goals for players who wish to fully explore and uncover every secret in the game. From obtaining every upgrade and ability to acquiring all the charms and discovering every hidden area, there is no shortage of content for completionists to sink their teeth into. The sense of accomplishment and satisfaction that comes with achieving these goals is incredibly rewarding and adds longevity to the game.

New Game+ Mode

Once players have completed Hollow Knight, they can embark on a new adventure in New Game+ mode. In this mode, players start a fresh playthrough with all their upgrades and abilities intact. However, the enemies and challenges are significantly more difficult, providing a brand new level of challenge for experienced players. New Game+ mode is a fantastic way to test one’s skills and experience the game in a fresh and exciting way.

Replayability and Content

Multiple Endings

Hollow Knight offers multiple endings, providing players with a sense of choice and consequence. The decisions players make throughout their journey have a direct impact on the game’s outcome, resulting in different endings that offer unique perspectives and storylines. This encourages players to revisit the game and make different choices, adding replayability and depth to the overall experience.

Achievements and Completion Percentage

For completionists, Hollow Knight offers a plethora of achievements to unlock, each requiring specific tasks or challenges to be completed. These achievements range from collecting all the charms to defeating certain bosses within certain conditions. Accomplishing these achievements not only rewards players with a sense of accomplishment but also contributes to the overall completion percentage, providing a tangible measure of progress and completion.

Speedrunning Potential

The tight controls, clever level design, and rewarding exploration make Hollow Knight a popular choice for speedrunners. The game’s nonlinear nature and diverse upgrade options provide multiple routes and strategies, allowing speedrunners to optimize their playthroughs. The thrill of shaving off seconds and perfecting routes adds an extra layer of challenge and replayability for those looking to tackle the game at breakneck speed.

Free Content Updates

One of the standout features of Hollow Knight is the continuous support and free content updates provided by the developers, Team Cherry. Since its release, the game has received multiple major content updates, including new bosses, areas, and gameplay enhancements. These updates not only expand the game’s content but also demonstrate Team Cherry’s commitment to providing a rich and fulfilling gameplay experience for players, ensuring that Hollow Knight remains fresh and exciting even years after its initial release.

Reception and Awards

Critical Reception

Hollow Knight has received widespread critical acclaim since its release. Critics praised the game’s challenging yet rewarding gameplay, beautiful art design, atmospheric soundtrack, and rich lore. The game’s depth and attention to detail have been lauded, with many considering it one of the best Metroidvania games of all time. Its captivating storytelling, coupled with its addictive gameplay loop, has made Hollow Knight a favorite among players and critics alike.

Player Feedback

Player feedback for Hollow Knight has been overwhelmingly positive. The game has amassed a dedicated fan base, with players praising its atmospheric world, challenging combat, and rich lore. The sense of exploration and discovery has resonated with players, who often describe the game as being immersive and captivating. The seamless blend of engaging gameplay and emotional storytelling has left a lasting impact on many players, making Hollow Knight a beloved and highly replayable title.

Awards and Recognitions

Hollow Knight has racked up numerous awards and recognitions, further solidifying its status as a modern classic. The game has received accolades for its art design, sound design, gameplay mechanics, and narrative depth. It has been honored with multiple Game of the Year awards, including the prestigious Game Developers Choice Awards and The Game Awards. These accolades reflect the widespread acclaim and recognition that Hollow Knight has garnered within the gaming industry.

Comparison to Other Metroidvania Games

Metroidvania Elements

As a Metroidvania game, Hollow Knight shares similarities with other titles in the genre. It features a large interconnected world that players can freely explore as they gain new abilities and upgrades. The game emphasizes exploration, backtracking, and discovery of hidden secrets and areas. Hollow Knight embodies the essential Metroidvania elements while also bringing its own unique twists and innovations to the genre.

Unique Aspects of Hollow Knight

While Hollow Knight adheres to the core Metroidvania formula, it stands out from its peers in several ways. The game’s striking art design and hauntingly beautiful world create a distinct and immersive atmosphere that few games can match. The deep and intricate lore adds an extra layer of depth and intrigue, setting Hollow Knight apart as a narrative-driven experience. Additionally, the game’s challenging combat, intricate level design, and seamless blend of exploration and progression contribute to its unique and captivating gameplay experience.

Pros and Cons

Hollow Knight has garnered widespread praise for its exceptional gameplay, stunning art design, and immersive storytelling. The challenging combat, varied level design, and rewarding exploration have been emphasized as standout features. The deep lore and interconnected storylines have captivated players, while the continuous support and free content updates have earned praise for the developers. However, some players have noted occasional difficulty spikes and backtracking as potential minor drawbacks. Overall, Hollow Knight’s pros far outweigh any cons, making it a must-play for fans of the genre.

Standout Features

Several standout features make Hollow Knight a standout title in the Metroidvania genre. The game’s hand-drawn art and animation create a visually stunning and atmospheric world that players can’t help but get lost in. The challenging combat, coupled with the wide variety of unique enemies and bosses, keeps players engaged and on their toes. The deep lore and interconnected storylines add a layer of intrigue and investment to the game, ensuring that players are emotionally connected to the world and its characters. These standout features solidify Hollow Knight’s well-deserved reputation as a masterpiece of the genre.


Final Verdict

Hollow Knight is an absolute masterpiece that deserves all the praise and recognition it has received. From its mesmerizing art and sound design to its rich storytelling and captivating gameplay, Hollow Knight offers an experience that is both challenging and rewarding. The game’s tight controls, clever level design, and intricate lore combine to create a truly immersive world that players won’t want to leave. With its unparalleled depth, replayability, and continuous support from its developers, Hollow Knight remains a shining example of excellence in the Metroidvania genre.

Legacy and Influence

Hollow Knight’s impact on the gaming industry cannot be overstated. The game has set a new standard for Metroidvania games, demonstrating the power of compelling storytelling, immersive world-building, and challenging gameplay. Its success has inspired future developers to strive for the same level of excellence in their own games, fueling a resurgence in the popularity of the genre. Hollow Knight’s legacy will continue to shine brightly, serving as a benchmark for all future Metroidvania games to come.


To anyone who enjoys immersive and challenging gameplay, rich storytelling, and stunning visual design, Hollow Knight comes highly recommended. Whether you are a fan of the Metroidvania genre or simply looking for a memorable gaming experience, Hollow Knight delivers on all fronts. Its atmospheric world, engaging combat, and deep lore will keep you coming back for more, long after the credits roll. Dive into the hauntingly beautiful world of Hallownest and prepare to be captivated by one of the finest gaming experiences in recent memory.