Bloodborne Review – FromSoftware’s Gothic Masterpiece

Discover the gothic masterpiece that is Bloodborne! FromSoftware's action RPG pushes boundaries with its intense combat, stunning visuals, and captivating lore. Read our review now!

I recently had the opportunity to embark on an intense and thrilling journey through the dark and mysterious world of Bloodborne, a game developed by FromSoftware. Steeped in gothic aesthetics and with a relentless gameplay style, Bloodborne proves to be an absolute masterpiece that pushes the boundaries of the action RPG genre. From the hauntingly atmospheric settings to the heart-pounding combat mechanics, this game has left an indelible mark on me, and I am excited to share my review of this remarkable creation.


Bloodborne offers a thrilling and intense gaming experience, with its unique combat mechanics, character customization options, meticulously designed levels, and epic boss battles.

Combat mechanics

The combat mechanics in Bloodborne are fast-paced and exhilarating. Players take on the role of a hunter, armed with a variety of weapons such as swords, firearms, and transforming weapons that can switch between different forms during combat. The emphasis on quick dodges and well-timed parries adds an element of skill and strategy to each encounter. The combat feels visceral and satisfying, with the sound and visual effects heightening the impact of every strike.

Character customization

One of the highlights of Bloodborne is the extensive character customization. Players can create their unique hunter, choosing from a range of appearances, including gender, facial features, and hairstyle. Additionally, players can allocate points to various attributes such as strength, skill, and arcane, allowing for a personalized playstyle. The ability to customize weapons and attire adds further depth to character development, allowing players to tailor their hunter to their preferred combat style.

Level design

The level design in Bloodborne is a masterpiece in itself. From the hauntingly beautiful streets of Yharnam to the twisted and labyrinthine chalice dungeons, every area is intricately crafted and visually stunning. The interconnected world allows for a sense of exploration and discovery, with shortcuts and secret passages that add to the sense of immersion. The nonlinear structure allows players to tackle different areas at their own pace while still maintaining a cohesive and immersive experience.

Boss battles

The boss battles in Bloodborne are some of the most memorable and challenging encounters in gaming. Each boss has its unique moveset and mechanics, keeping players on their toes and requiring adaptability and quick thinking. The variety of bosses range from colossal beasts to grotesque creatures, each with their weaknesses and strategies to exploit. Defeating these formidable foes provides a great sense of achievement and progression.


Bloodborne’s narrative is as captivating as its gameplay, weaving a tale of mystery, horror, and the insatiable desire for knowledge.

Setting and atmosphere

Set in the gothic city of Yharnam, Bloodborne creates a foreboding and atmospheric world that oozes with dread and unease. The dimly lit streets, dilapidated buildings, and hauntingly beautiful architecture all contribute to the overall sense of dread and mystery. The attention to detail is remarkable, with every nook and cranny telling a story of a civilization steeped in ancient rituals and dark secrets.


The story of Bloodborne revolves around a bloodborne illness that has plagued the inhabitants of Yharnam. Players embark on a journey to uncover the origins of the disease and delve into the dark secrets of the city. As the plot unfolds, players will encounter intriguing characters, uncovering snippets of lore that piece together the larger narrative puzzle. The plot is rich in mystery and intrigue, with deep lore that can be discovered through exploration and diligent observation.

NPC interactions

Interactions with non-playable characters (NPCs) in Bloodborne are integral to the storytelling experience. Each NPC has their unique personality and motivations, adding depth to the world and providing players with valuable insights and quests. Engaging in conversations with these characters can unravel hidden storylines, offering players the opportunity to forge alliances or make impactful choices that shape the course of their journey.

Graphics and Sound

Bloodborne’s graphics and sound design work in perfect harmony to create an immersive and hauntingly beautiful world.

Visual design

Bloodborne’s visual design is a sight to behold. The gothic architecture, intricate character designs, and attention to detail create a dark and captivating aesthetic. The environments are brought to life with stunning lighting effects, particle effects, and dynamic weather, further immersing players into the twisted world of Yharnam. From the grotesque designs of the eldritch creatures to the delicate nuances in character animations, the visual craftsmanship is truly commendable.

Atmospheric lighting

Lighting plays a crucial role in establishing the eerie atmosphere of Bloodborne. The dynamic lighting effects cast long shadows, creating an ominous ambiance that adds to the sense of unease. The clever use of lighting brings out the details in the environment, highlighting the decaying cityscape and subtle nuances of the character models. Whether it’s the flickering torches in the darkness or the ethereal glow of eldritch horrors, the atmospheric lighting in Bloodborne enhances the overall immersion.

Sound design

The hauntingly beautiful soundtrack of Bloodborne perfectly complements the dark and foreboding atmosphere. The score, composed by Ryan Amon, Tsukasa Saitoh, Yuka Kitamura, and Nobuyoshi Suzuki, combines orchestral arrangements with haunting choir melodies to create a sense of dread and tension. The sound effects, from the clashing of weapons to the eerie whispers in the distance, further immerse players into the world of Yharnam.

Voice acting

The voice acting in Bloodborne is exceptional, with each character’s voice contributing to the immersive storytelling. The talented cast brings the characters to life, conveying their emotions and motivations effectively. The performances are nuanced and convincing, ensuring that the player remains engaged and invested in the unfolding narrative.

Challenging Difficulty

Bloodborne is renowned for its challenging difficulty, providing a satisfying and rewarding experience for those willing to persevere.

Learning curve

Bloodborne has a steep learning curve, requiring players to adapt quickly to its fast-paced combat and punishing consequences for mistakes. However, as players progress and become more familiar with the mechanics, the satisfaction of overcoming challenging encounters is unparalleled. The learning curve encourages growth and improvement, making each subsequent victory all the more memorable.

Strategic gameplay

Bloodborne rewards strategic thinking and tactical decision-making. Players must assess their surroundings, exploit enemy weaknesses, and carefully manage resources to overcome the many obstacles that lie ahead. The combat system encourages players to be both aggressive and cautious, knowing when to strike and when to retreat. The strategic gameplay ensures that each battle feels like a test of skill and wits.

Risk-reward mechanics

Bloodborne incorporates risk-reward mechanics that heighten the tension and excitement. Certain actions, such as performing visceral attacks or transforming weapons mid-combo, expose players to additional risk but offer greater rewards in terms of damage or stagger effects. This balance encourages players to take calculated risks and experiment with different playstyles, adding depth and variety to the gameplay experience.

Adaptive enemy AI

One of the standout features of Bloodborne is its adaptive enemy AI. Enemies are intelligent and relentless, adapting to players’ strategies and adjusting their tactics accordingly. This creates a dynamic and unpredictable combat experience, keeping players constantly on their toes and forcing them to adapt their approach. Each encounter becomes a thrilling and engaging battle of wits, ensuring that the game remains challenging and rewarding.

Lovecraftian Influence

Bloodborne draws inspiration from the works of H.P. Lovecraft, infusing the game with cosmic horror and eldritch themes.

Themes of cosmic horror

The themes of cosmic horror in Bloodborne are pervasive and chilling. The game explores concepts of ancient cosmic entities, forbidden knowledge, and the insignificance of humanity in the face of a vast and unknowable universe. The constant sense of dread and impending doom adds to the Lovecraftian atmosphere, immersing players in a world where sanity is fragile and eldritch horrors lurk behind every corner.

Eldritch creatures

Bloodborne is teeming with eldritch abominations that will send shivers down your spine. From towering monstrosities to twisted amalgamations of flesh and bone, the creature designs are grotesque and hauntingly beautiful. Each enemy showcases meticulous attention to detail and conveys a sense of otherworldly terror that stays with players long after the encounter.

Insanity and madness

The theme of insanity and madness permeates throughout Bloodborne. The horrors witnessed and the dark knowledge uncovered can slowly erode the sanity of the player’s character, resulting in various unsettling effects. This mechanic adds an additional layer of tension and unease, further immersing players in the Lovecraftian nightmare that is Yharnam.

Exploration and Discoveries

Bloodborne encourages exploration and rewards players for delving into its intricately designed world.

Interconnected world

The world of Bloodborne is interconnected, with shortcuts and secret passages that create a sense of cohesion. Unlocking these shortcuts provides players with a greater sense of progress and allows for more efficient navigation between different areas. The exploration of the interconnected world is a joy in itself, as players uncover hidden paths and discover new areas to explore.

Hidden secrets

Bloodborne is filled with hidden secrets waiting to be uncovered. From hidden pathways to elusive items, there is always something new to discover. Careful observation and thorough exploration are the keys to uncovering these secrets, rewarding players with valuable items, lore, and even new areas to explore. The joy of stumbling upon a hidden secret adds a sense of delight and wonder to the gameplay experience.

Discoverable lore

The lore of Bloodborne is rich and deeply intertwined with the game’s world and characters. Exploring the environments, interacting with NPCs, and uncovering hidden items can reveal fragments of lore that shed light on the history and mythology of Yharnam. Players who invest time in discovering and piecing together the lore are rewarded with a deeper understanding of the game’s narrative and a greater appreciation for its intricacies.

Shortcut and secret passages

Shortcuts and secret passages are a staple of Bloodborne’s level design. These hidden pathways provide convenient shortcuts between areas, allowing players to bypass challenging enemies or access hidden treasures. The discovery of these shortcuts not only rewards players with a sense of progress but also encourages exploration and a thorough understanding of the world’s interconnectedness.


Bloodborne offers a high level of replayability, with multiple factors that encourage players to embark on subsequent playthroughs.

Multiple endings

Bloodborne features multiple endings, each offering a different conclusion to the player’s journey. These endings are determined by the choices made throughout the game, adding replay value and incentivizing players to uncover every possible outcome. The different endings also provide additional layers of storytelling and encourage speculation and discussion among the game’s community.

New Game Plus mode

Upon completing the game, players have the option to start a New Game Plus (NG+) mode. This mode allows players to replay the game with their previously acquired character, carrying over their obtained weapons, abilities, and items. The increased difficulty and added challenges of NG+ provide a fresh experience for players who seek a greater challenge or wish to explore different storylines.

Build variety

Bloodborne offers a wide variety of weapons, items, and abilities that cater to different playstyles. From heavy-hitting strength builds to agile skill-based characters, players can customize their hunter to suit their preferred combat style. The sheer number of options and combinations ensure that each playthrough can feel unique, allowing players to experiment with different builds and strategies.

Challenge runs

For those seeking an even greater challenge, Bloodborne offers the option of self-imposed challenge runs. Popular challenges such as “no leveling,” “no healing,” or “limited inventory” require players to rely on their skill and creativity to overcome the game’s formidable obstacles. These challenge runs provide a fresh and exciting way to experience Bloodborne, pushing players to their limits and showcasing the depth of the game’s mechanics.

Online Features

Bloodborne’s online features add a unique and cooperative aspect to the game’s already compelling gameplay.

Cooperative multiplayer

Bloodborne allows players to join forces in cooperative multiplayer, where they can join each other’s worlds and assist in hunting down bosses and exploring the game’s challenging areas. This cooperative aspect adds a social and teamwork element to the game, allowing players to strategize and overcome difficult encounters together. The thrill of successfully tackling a tough boss with the help of a friend is immensely satisfying and reinforces the community aspect of the game.

Invasion mechanic

The invasion mechanic in Bloodborne introduces a thrilling element of PvP (player versus player) gameplay. Players can invade the worlds of unsuspecting hunters, adding an element of tension and unpredictability. This mechanic keeps players on their toes, ensuring that even in the darkest corners of Yharnam, danger lurks in the form of other skilled hunters seeking to claim blood echoes and trophies.

Player messages

In Bloodborne, players can leave messages for each other in the game world. These messages can provide helpful tips, warnings, or even mislead unsuspecting players. This feature fosters a sense of community and collaboration, as players can assist others by providing valuable insights or cautionary advice. Discovering and reading messages left by other players adds another layer of depth and immersion to the game’s world.

Chalice Dungeons

Chalice Dungeons offer a unique and procedurally generated dungeon-crawling experience in Bloodborne. Players can create and explore these dungeons, which are filled with challenging enemies, lucrative rewards, and even more formidable bosses. The randomly generated nature of the chalice dungeons ensures that no two experiences are the same, providing a never-ending source of challenging content for players to explore and conquer.

Critical Acclaim

Bloodborne has received widespread critical acclaim since its release, earning praise for its gameplay, atmosphere, and storytelling.

Positive reviews

Critics lauded Bloodborne for its challenging and rewarding combat, rich atmospheric world, and engaging narrative. The game’s unique blend of gothic horror and Lovecraftian themes resonated with both fans and critics, with many praising its immersive and haunting atmosphere. The game’s deep lore and intricate level design were also highly praised, adding depth and replayability to its already stellar gameplay.

Awards and recognition

Bloodborne garnered numerous awards and recognition from the gaming industry. It received several Game of the Year awards and was praised for its artistic design, gameplay mechanics, and overall impact on the industry. The game’s unique blend of style, atmosphere, and challenging gameplay set it apart as a standout title in the action RPG genre.

Impact on the industry

Bloodborne’s impact on the industry cannot be overstated. Its challenging gameplay and intricate world design influenced subsequent games, with many developers drawing inspiration from its innovative combat mechanics and interconnected level design. The game’s success also cemented FromSoftware’s reputation as a master of the action RPG genre, inspiring a new wave of games that sought to capture the same level of intensity, atmosphere, and storytelling.


Bloodborne is a gothic masterpiece that delivers an unforgettable gaming experience. Its expertly designed combat mechanics, atmospheric world, and engaging storytelling combine to create a truly immersive and challenging adventure. With its Lovecraftian influence, hidden secrets, and replayability, Bloodborne offers countless hours of thrilling gameplay and discovery. Whether you are a fan of intense combat, intricate lore, or atmospheric horror, Bloodborne comes highly recommended as a must-play title for any avid gamer. Immerse yourself in the dark and twisted world of Yharnam, and prepare for a journey that will test your skill, bravery, and sanity.